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Lexiy Notes


Secure and confidential notes and calendar with cloud sync.• ConfidentialSecurely store personal data like passwords, credit card details, insurance details and access codes. All information is encrypted. No one else can read your data because only you have the keys.
• Cloud SyncUnlimited sync across all your devices. Your master password is never stored and is never transmitted. Only your device can decrypt your data (don't lose your password!)
• Offline UsageAccess your data offline. No signal but you need to retrieve that booking code? No problem!
• Wearable DevicesUse voice on your wearable to store information. Ask questions and have the answers displayed whilst on the move.
• Anonymous and FreeNo personal details taken. Register with any email address. No adverts nor spam.
Visit to download the companion Windows desktop app.
If you have questions, have a suggestion or want to report a bug, please visit for more information and support.